The Company is licensed and managed in the Cayman Islands to reinsure risks from the issuing insurance company, OId Republic, that is licensed and provides coverage in the United States. The types of coverage reinsurred by Archway Insurance Ltd.'s policy are Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Automobile Liability, and Auto Physical Damage.

Each shareholder is entitled to appoint a director to the Archway Insurance Ltd. Board of Directors. Every director, regardless of premium size, has one vote. A simple majority governs. Archway Insurance Ltd. shareholder responsibilities include controlling losses, participating in board meetings, and educating other high quality companies about the captive concept. Management strength lies in a strong committee structure and the individual involvement of all directors during frequent meetings held both in the Cayman Islands and other locations outside the United States. Presently, the committees and their primary responsibilities are:

  • Executive - Comprised of officers, committee chairpersons, and designated members at large. Focus is to develop long-range plans for the Company based on strategic analysis.
  • Finance - Reviews the Company’s interim and audited financial statements and monitors each member’s compliance with its financial obligations to the Company. Also advises the Board on policies for the investment of the Company’s assets.
  • Underwriting - Advises the Board on desirable risks to be assumed and ensures that these risks are adequately underwritten.
  • Risk Control - Sets loss control goals for the members. Reviews loss control reports and works with members to meet the required loss control and claims management goals of Archway Insurance Ltd.
  • Membership Development - Assists members in educating prospective new members about Archway Insurance Ltd. and the benefits of ownership.


All members must be compliant with all financial requirements or they will be subject to non-renewal the following year. Each member’s situation is reviewed to determine if a notice is warranted. Judgment by the executive committee for recommending non-renewal of a member will be based upon the frequency and degree of non-compliance with all of the financial and other obligations as outlined above.


  • Failure to provide updated financial statements annually to Archway Insurance Ltd.'s independent consultant.
  • Failure to comply with letter of credit requirements and verbiage.
  • Consistently late in premium assessment payments.
  • Drop below acceptable ratios as determined by Archway Insurance Ltd.'s independent financial consultant.
  • Member subject to bankruptcy proceedings.

The member will be notified of its inclusion on the financial watch list and the criteria used to make that determination. Failure to take corrective action in a reasonable time period will result in the member being subject to non-renewal.