Company History

Archway Insurance Ltd. was created from the need of businesses to obtain insurance coverage at a more affordable cost. The founding members of Archway Insurance Ltd. perceived that the commercial insurance industry was not responsive to their needs, and provided little information about commercial carrier internal costs and profits.

Archway Insurance Ltd. was formed in 1994 after several businesses in the St. Louis, MO area had attended seminars detailing the group captive concept, including captive insurance companies administered by Captive Resources, LLC. From just the two original members Archway Insurance Ltd. has grown to over 270 companies with current annual premiums exceeding $201,000,000.

As the captive has grown, the Board of Directors has voted to assume higher limits into the loss retention layer. The members benefit from lowered reinsurance costs and a larger fund to potentially generate underwriting and investment profits.

Being a shareholder in Archway Insurance Ltd. provides confidence that premiums are appropriate, effective risk management will be rewarded, and each business has control over its insurance destiny.